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I have five kids.  They are crazy, busy, wonderful-but-sometimes-honery kids.  And in all my dreams, I just hope that they turn out to be adults that enjoy one another's company and are kind to one another.  And maybe even that we can all have fun together...


This family is what I hope my family turns into in about 20 years.  Fun people who enjoy being together!  The morning of our photo session this family participated in the Warrior Dash as a family.  SO totally awesome.  I loved spending a little bit of time with them.

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Jenni said...

right there with ya....praying my 7 kids will LOVE being together when they are all grown! Can you just imagine the amount of grandkids we are going to have someday??? YIKES! :) These shots are AMAZING! just beautiful....great job! :)

Jamie said...

Great job!