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the light.

I'm currently taking a photography class.  I love it.  No, I adore it- but it's taking up the time I usually leave at the end of the day for blogging.  And that's ok...

Because I'm seeing things I didn't see before and am improving my craft.  More than my craft.  I'm improving myself.  And I really like it.

But I didn't want you thinking I've forgotten this little place.  I'm still shooting.  And sharing images on facebook.

One of the big focuses of my class has been light.  And since I shot these images a couple nights ago that I'm completely in love with, that have AMAZING light, I figured I'd share.  :)



Stay tuned. As soon as my class is over I'll get around to posting a bunch of images from fall sessions as well as two more weddings and more of this awesome engagement session. Thanks for hanging in there with me!! xo

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Jenni said...

SUCH an amazing spot.....and great capture of light and everything else in this photo! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!