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there's not enough pepsi in all the world.

pepsi 7

Some of you have asked for details on our move, so here they are:

My husband owns his own Home Theater business.  You can imagine how many people are knocking down our door to install home theaters in this economy.  Yes, TONS.  (Can you hear the thick sarcasm?)  So we decided that this was a GREAT time for him to start back to school.  :)

We were awesome and bought our home at the TOP of the market.  Just like so many others.  It has not really been a problem, until now.  When our business is almost non-existent and we have a brand-new baby.

So we started thinking about what we could do...

My parents offered us their home (they have more than one) and they would move to their smaller "retirement house".  They would give us a break on the rent while DH is in school.

We thought about it.
We prayed about it.
We went back and forth talking about it.

But in the end, we just couldn't see how things could work as well anywhere else.

So we are selling our dream home...
                         And moving towards a new dream.

It is going to be great having my parents as neighbors.  (They are moving right next door.)  And our Gigi (my grandma) has moved into the guest house at our new home.  Everyone will be so close to help us out and just be able to spend a little more time together.

We are SO SAD to leave our ward, and our awesome neighbors.  :(  But we won't grow without a little bit of growing pains, right?  We are excited to be back in the neighborhood I grew up in.  Tree lined streets and families who have been there FOREVER.  It's a great little place.  It will feel like home in no time.

In case you were thinking about it, I would NEVER recommend moving your grandma, your parents and your own little family all in the space of a few months.  It almost can't be done.  :)  It will be done, but I think most of us have lost a little bit of sanity.  It is a crazy thing to try.  All that moving gets really old - really fast!!  ...And there is not enough Pepsi in the world to make it easy.  (But it sure helps to keep up your energy levels!)

But we are in the home stretch.  Our new house is getting new carpet installed today and tomorrow.  DH has been painting most of the rooms to prepare for our arrival.  My parents are almost moved out!  ;)  Which means we are on our way to moving in.

You better believe I will be posting some photos...I am excited to redecorate a little bit and try some fun new things.  I am also so excited to unpack my boxes that I've been packing for almost 2 months now.

The older I get, the more I realize that Heavenly Father is in control of my life and that I need to be in tune with His will to be the happiest I can be.  I am so thankful for my sweet, healthy kids, my amazing husband and my wonderful, generous parents.  I have more blessings than I can count, and while I am frazzled and stressed about all this moving, I am working on feeling grateful for all that I do have.  I am blessed!

Now, as far as my schedule goes, I am going to be posting VERY SOON with some dates I will have available for full photo sessions as well as children's mini sessions that I will be doing in the very near future!  Can't wait to start working again!!  :)

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Nina said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I was just going to ask if you had any time before Christmas so I could get Connor's year old pics in time for birthday and christmas cards! Let me know or I'll keep checking in!

Nina (McMahon)