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I will be posting the details of the mini session in the next couple of days. My grandfather passed away last week, and I wanted to take the week off and just help out my parents as much as I could. It was nice to be with family and remember all the wonderful things that my grandpa was. His funeral was lovely and we even got a family photo...only missing a few of his posterity.


I am so grateful to have lived so close to my grandparents and to have had such a close relationship with all of them. Very thankful for my family and the great fun we have when we are together. Mostly feeling gratitude to my own parents for being such stalwart, good people that I can look up to and model my life after.

It was a good week of recharging my batteries and giving service. Looking forward to getting photos scheduled for the fall and planning out the mini sessions. Come back soon to see all the details of the good things I have coming! :)

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